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2017 CrossFit Open Recap

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NorthEast CrossFit is officially done with the 2017 CrossFit Open! Congratulations to each and every member of NECF for participating in the CrossFit Open! I think it is safe to say that most of us exceeded our expectations and pushed far beyond what we thought was our limits. This year was a very special year for NECF. We had the largest athlete participation we have ever had. There were 131 members from NECF who signed up for the Open. This was also one of the largest CrossFit teams of any CrossFit gym in the entire WORLD!

We wanted to make the CrossFit Open more than just a workout or a competition. We wanted to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. This year, we had a total of about 16 sponsors, a DJ, and the best crowd for our Friday Night Lights events. It is our hope that everyone had a fantastic time and is feeling motivated for 2018!

The CrossFit Open is a great learning tool for all of us. As an athlete, you can gauge where you are good and not so good. You can break past self limitations. You are simply pushed beyond your point of comfort. As a coach, we learn a ton of things as well. It teaches us how to program better, how to push an athlete and when to pull back and also reminds us of why we love CrossFit so much. The community and everything that happens inside the walls is what really makes NECF a very special place.

Performance wise, this was an awesome year for team NorthEast CrossFit. The team scores get calculated  by the combined total of the top 3 male and female finishers for each workout. Our gym ended up in 77th place out of almost 400 gyms in the northeast region. This was 50 spots better than 2016, where we placed 127th. We were also the highest scoring CrossFit affiliate in Westchester! It was really fantastic to see how well our authentic, home grown team stacked up against some of the best affiliates and super teams in the region. The future is bright for NECF!

Speaking of team performances, lets get into top teams for our in-house competition! Here are you top 3 teams for 17.5:
1. Salute Your Glutes- 25pts
2. Shrug Life- 24pts
3. WOD’ing Crashers- 22pts

Coach Chris’ WOD’ing crashers tied with Coach Cam’s “Flexual Healing”, but it was the tie break that gave the WOD’ing crashers the go ahead victory. A very tight race for this week’s winners!

Now for the top OVERALL team. The fittest team of NECF this year is….
None other than… Team… SALUTE YOUR GLUTES! WOO! Looks like the good guys made a comeback this year with a solid victory. What really pulled this team ahead was the consistent FNL attendance each week along with the scoring submissions. Here are your overall top 3:
1. Salute Your Glutes- 137pts
2. Flexual Healing- 121pts *tie break winner
3. Shrug Life- 121pts

We aren’t done with our participation awards yet! We cannot forget about the fittest male and female of the gym. This is determined not by our affiliate leaderboard, but the members who makes it the furthest in the northeast region leaderboard.

Our 2017 fittest male member is… WELLINGTON BASORA! Wellington is an open gym and 12:30pm regular at NECF. He is a tank of a human weighing in at only 170lbs, though he looks like he is 200lbs (dense bones I suppose). He was top 3 on our affiliate leaderboard for 4/5 workouts and contributed to our team score for 2 workouts. Wellington placed 577th out of nearly 16,000 males in our region! I know he has got his sites set on an ever better ranking for 2018! This is his 2nd CrossFit Open and we are proud of his accomplishments this season!

Our fittest female member for 2017 and the 1st two-time back to back fittest member is KATHLEEN SAEED! Kathleen is a 9:30am and open gym regular. She placed top 3 in 4/5 workouts on our affiliate leaderboard and contributed to our team scoring on 4/5 workouts. She placed 512th out of nearly 14,000 female competitors and also placed 322th in the world in the Master’s division. Her overall rankings were a bit tainted by the final workout, but she is already determined to make a massive comeback. She’s a humble work horse with a great attitude and we are all looking forward to seeing her crush next season!

To close out this long winded post, I would like to thank everyone for making NECF their home.  We have become quite the melting pot this year. The amount individual growth we get to see from year to year is awesome. We absolutely love seeing our members progress and smash their goals. I know a lot of members had some doubts and concerns coming into the open. I hope these same people came out with a new sense of confidence and motivation. I am extremely proud of everyone.

Big thank you to our sponsors and DJ Joe P for making Friday Night Lights an incredible event.¬† Out FNL event was quoted by one of our sponsors as “one of the best Friday Night Lights events I have ever seen”. Don’t be surprised to see other gyms follow suite. Next year we plan on making FNL bigger and better. Thank you to our members, volunteers and spectators for supporting each other every Friday night. And lastly thank you to my awesome staff of Chris, Cam, Adam, Kenny, Debbie and Steve for spending extra time on their Friday to making FNL a smooth operation. Friday Night Lights could not have been done without the help of these awesome people, so when you see them at the gym give them a thank you hug!