NorthEast CrossFit is an all inclusive fitness facility that assists anyone who is looking to become a better version of themselves. We do this through constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. NorthEast CrossFit is located at 271 Main Street, Eastchester, NY in a 4,800 square foot functional fitness facility that is centered around CrossFit. Our programs build tangible results for all levels of fitness; from our Kid’s class to elite athletes and everyone in between.


We incorporate weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio to elicit unprecedented results. There is no program that combines a wider variety of fitness modalities. Our community is the bedrock of NorthEast CrossFit. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who are just as eager to become better than they were the day before is an essential component to both staying accountable and keeping fitness fun.


Whether you are looking to train for a big race, compete in CrossFit competitions or to just look better naked, we tailor each workout to align with the athlete’s goals. We have two goal oriented fitness programs; Fitness and Sport. These programs operate side by side, but differ by degree based on the athlete’s ambitions. This allows us to create an ideal training environment centered around group classes.


It is no secret why NorthEast CrossFit is the largest CrossFit affiliate and functional fitness facility in Westchester County, NY. From our top notch coaching, friendly and welcoming community and overall positive vibe, your experience at NorthEast CrossFit will be nothing short of amazing.