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Get Out of the Clean Faster

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Barbell Club

A.Hang Clean 3×3@75%

B. Power Clean + 2 Power Jerks X 5 sets

C. EMOM 3 mins:
1 Clean & Jerk@80%
Every 90 seconds for 3 sets:
1 Clean & Jerk@85%
Every 2 mins for 3 sets:
1 Clean & Jerk@90%

D. Clean Pull 5×1@115% 


A. 1,000 meter row time trial
*Rest 5 minutes*

B. 6 sets:
90 sec. row @1K pace
*Rest 1 minute*

Today’s Link – Get Out of the Clean Faster

Singlet Saturday

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A. 15 Mins AMRAP:
A1. Heavy Sled Drags, 100ft.
A2. Max Effort Sled Sprints, 100ft.
*rest as needed*

B. Complete in teams of 3:
100 Cal AB
100 Slam Ball
1000m SB Carry
*All people work at same time, but must switch movements every min until reps are completed*

Barbell Club

Snatch, 1RM *3 attempts
Clean & Jerk, 1RM *3 attempts

Today’s Link – Julien Pineau: Strength, Muscular Imbalance & Intensity in CrossFit