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Does Dave Ramsey CrossFit?

June 5, 2019

By, Cameron Hudson   We all have that one friend who constantly shuffles from song to song without hearing a single one in its entirety, right? Well, as annoying as that can be, that’s me. Both literally and figuratively. In my mind I can shuffle from one idea to the next without working through the first thought. I imagine I am not the only one like this, so I thought I would talk abou

Beware the Salad

May 29, 2019

By Debbie Leonti Sometimes the food choices we think are better for us end up being no better than the burger and fries we are avoiding. It is time to go out to dinner with the family.  You get there and automatically stress that beach season is right around the corner.  What do you order?  You say, “I’ll have the salad!”  Although we are always preaching to get your greens in and

So, You Wanna Be An Action Star?

May 22, 2019

By Cameron Hudson What makes a good action star? Is it their ability to wield weapons? Be heroic amidst danger? Heroes, or action stars, come in a wide variety of forms. But, one thing they all have in common is that they take ACTION. A lot of us have these general ideas, aspirations and goals. We can go on and on about all the things we want to do, where we want to go or what type of person w

This Is 40!

May 15, 2019

By Maggie Martinez-Figueroa   For those of you that don’t really know me, I hope this little blog will give you a little insight as to who I am, what I do, and what it’s like to be a female, mother, wife and CrossFit coach at the age of 40. So, for the record, my first name is actually Margaret (and if anyone attempts to call me such, I will politely ignore you lol).  I am ori

There Are No Problems, Only Solutions

May 8, 2019

By Coach Manny Alayon Problem solving is something we learn when we are young children and as we get older it seems to leave us. Problem solving is an actual skill that doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. Your ability to sift through an issue to find the right solution isn’t always black and white. Being good at solving problems is not only good for fixing things around the house, but it helps

When do I Take A Rest Day, Coach?

May 1, 2019

By Debbie Leonti Movement is a beautiful thing.  I believe that at times we all take movement for granted.  We drive our cars or take other means of transportation to get us to and from places.  Rather than walk, we will call an Uber to take us somewhere that is literally five minutes away.  On top of using means of transportation, most of us are stuck behind a desk all hours of the day tr

How Do You Use Your Fitness?

April 24, 2019

By Coach Manny Alayon As time goes on my thoughts and ideas evolve and even change. I get the privilege to work with and surround myself around motivated people in my field and outside of it who influence my thinking. I love learning new ways to scale a movement, cue an individual, keep track of data etc. I do my very best to absorb everything I could as I consider myself to be a true student of

Accessory Work

April 17, 2019

By Mikey Hodges   Do you continue to battle the same nagging injuries? Do these same injuries seem to pop up every few months? If so, you are definitely not alone. Many athletes will experience some sort of setback in their training due to injury. Injuries can occur for a number of reasons, however they are commonly due to underdeveloped muscles, muscular imbalances and poor core stabil

What Makes Us Perform To Our Highest Level?

April 10, 2019

By Coach Cameron Hudson   I have never played rugby. Growing up in Texas, football was the law of the land. But, I didn’t play that either. That is neither here nor there,but lately I have become fascinated with rugby and specifically what makes some of these teams so much better than everyone else. As with any new interest, I went to YouTube and began watching all the rugby videos. I w

Why Am I Tired?

April 3, 2019

  By Debbie Olson Being the coach in the early morning classes, this is a comment I hear more often than not.  "Coach, why am I feeling so tired today?" Understandably so, these members are waking up at a unreasonably early hour to make it to their gym session.  Long days at work, meetings, deadlines, stress from bosses, expectations and obligations to kids, family, and friends.  How do

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