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What Is a Hard Worker?

September 19, 2018

By Coach Manny Alayon   Have you ever thought about what the definition of “hard work” is? Or what it truly means to be a “hard worker”?  I think if you were to ask most people if they consider themselves to be a “hard worker” the answer would be “yes”. We are taught and made to believe that many great things can be accomplished just through hard work. Although this is tr

Olympic Weightlifting For People In A Hurry

September 12, 2018

By Coach Mac Dompor   If you’re reading this because of the title, I’m here to tell you that that statement is an oxymoron. Hate to break it to you but Olympic weightlifting takes years to be decent at. I’m not here to sugarcoat anything; these are probably the most difficult lifts you will ever do in your life. I cannot count the amount of times these lifts alone (snatch and clean

What’s the Scoop on the The Ketogenic Diet?

September 5, 2018

  By Debbie Leonti The foundation of CrossFit begins with nutrition.  What we fuel our bodies with on a daily basis has a tremendous impact on our performance in the gym and can have a direct impact on how we progress or regress in the sport.  There are so many "diets" out there to try.  Which one is best for YOU?  There is no right or wrong answer; it needs to be a plan that you feel i

More Than A Warm Up

August 29, 2018

By Cameron Hudson   The warm up: a chance to catch up with your fellow athletes, scope out what’s on the agenda for the day and just go through the motions. Right? To an extent, yes. But, the warm up is so much more than the first 5-10 minutes of class that allow you to socialize. Today I wanted to write about why our warm up deserves more attention than it usually gets and a couple way

Pre-WOD Anxiety

August 22, 2018

By Kenny Olmeda   “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready” -Eminem   The above lyrics describe me perfectly before a WOD. Well, minus the spaghetti on my sweater. We’ve all been there, walked into NECF, seen the WOD and immediately felt the twi

The Impact of “Hello”

August 15, 2018

By Manny Alayon   While I was away on vacation I had the opportunity to visit local CrossFit affiliates, which is one of my favorite things to do when I travel. I love traveling to different affiliates and just being a part of the gym for that day. I love to experience the gym culture, the workouts, the gym layout etc. I learn a little bit from each box nearly every time I visit. Duri

Establishing A Little Routine In Your Crazy Schedule!

August 8, 2018

By Coach Debbie Olson   There are many daily responsibilities and expectations we place on ourselves every single day. It can be easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with things we need to get done. Schedules and deadlines become a priority and we focus on what the next big thing is. Some have crazier lives than others, but one thing that we can try to establish is a little routine for

I Wanna Go Fast!

August 1, 2018

Whether starting out, or someone who has been doing CrossFit for a few years, it can be exciting. The constant variance of movements and workouts gives us something to look forward to. For this week’s blog, I wanted to draw a parallel between Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights) and our approach to workouts and movements. If you haven’t seen the movie starring Will Ferrell, I highly recommend it

The Lost Art of Camaraderie

July 11, 2018

One of the things I miss most about playing on a team was the atmosphere. You were on a team; you practiced together, competed together, won together and lost together. That same camaraderie of CrossFit was a huge draw for me. But along the way it seems that the unity and support can often get lost in the shuffle. I wanted to put together a small list of things that you can do in the gym to elicit

Are You A Hard Worker?

July 5, 2018

By Coach Manny Alayon     Accomplishing or goal or being successful takes hard work and dedication in virtual any field. The most common places we set goals for are the workplace, the gym and at home. The interesting thing about “hard work” is an individual’s perception of what it means. I think if you ask most people if they consider themselves to be “hard workers” the

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