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Adding More Micronutrients Into Your Diet

June 27, 2018

By Coach Debbie Olson     There are so many different routes a person can take to reach his or her goal through nutrition.  Most of us want improve our nutrition so we can reap some great benefits like increased performance, improved energy, mood, recovery, and also to look good (naked)!  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill; nutrition is different for every individual. It take

Recovery For The Aging CrossFitter

June 20, 2018

By Coach Manny Alayon   Whether you are an ex-athlete, marathon runner, veteran CrossFitter or weekend warrior taking care of your body becomes vital as you age. In a previous post, I discussed some training advice for the aging CrossFitter. The post mainly had to do with the training volume and training frequency relationship for the aging CrossFitter. As previously discussed, biological

Little Things Are The Big Things

June 13, 2018

By Coach Cameron Hudson   I was listening to Ben Bergeron’s podcast the other day and the episode was Ben discussing his 3 core values for his members: Hungry, Humble, Happy. As he went into further detail to explain why those three and what they meant to him, I began to go off on my own tangent; what are three notions we can employ to have the best experience at the gym? It seems easy

Finding The Right Training Partner

June 6, 2018

By Coach Debbie Leonti   Let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys working out on a daily basis.  Of course we enjoy seeing results and making progress, but to stay motivated can sometimes be a challenge.  In CrossFit, we emphasize community and supporting one another. But sometimes, you need something a little more than just the community; you need a workout partner (or partners!).  A wo

Fitness For Mental Prep

May 23, 2018

By Coach Manny Alayon   Back in my wrestling days I would often hear from coaches that the toughest guy in the tournament was the guy who took 3rd place. As I began coaching wrestling and talking to fellow coaches, they would reaffirm this idea and talk about how some colleges would purposefully recruit the 3rd place finishers because it was a strong indication of their mental toughness.

Breaking the Cycle of Bad Habits: There Are No Excuses, You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

April 25, 2018

Everyone in the gym has asked the question, “Who is Porko?  Is that you?”  Yes, it is me.  I write this on my water and refer to myself with this endearing nickname for a reason.  It reminds me that I am my own worst enemy.  It reminds me that every year, I repeat the same vicious cycle.  A cycle that Manny, Cameron and myself have mapped out to a T. January: I am out of shape February

Staying The Course

April 18, 2018

By Coach Manny Alayon   Perhaps this post won’t directly mean much at first. However, I believe we can draw a lot of parallels and find how the meaning of this post may fit into your life. When I opened up the gym in 2012, it was a time where CrossFit as a whole was still very raw. It was new, it was abrasive, it was bare bones, it was like the punk rock culture of the fitness industry.

Do Not Underestimate The MOD In The WOD

April 4, 2018

By Coach Debbie Leonti There are so many different levels in CrossFit.  With a gym of 300+ members and everyone doing the same workout, there will always have to be adjustments made for the individual.  It is our responsibility as coaches that everyone moves safely and in a way that will progress our members to become better athletes.  You all have grown to trust us and the pro

Stop Being An Adult

March 14, 2018

By Coach Cameron Hudson   Howdy ladies and gents!   We are past the halfway mark of the 2018 Crossfit Open! This year has by far been the most fun and exciting Open to date. I have seen people exceed their expectations of what they’re capable of, people push through workouts that had some of their biggest weaknesses and people supporting each other.   There has bee

“Think Outside the Box”

March 7, 2018

By Coach Debbie Leonti We all love coming to the gym. Well, some days may be harder than others! Think about those moments when you hit a new personal best, someone pays you a compliment, or you just feel accomplished when a training session is over makes you want to come back for more! We welcome our members with open arms, and truly love when people come in to take the classes. With the CrossFi

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