Group Coaching


Beginner to Advanced

Our group sessions are a perfect way to reach your goals with the inspiration from the group atmosphere. Our group sessions are unique in their ability to meet you to where you’re currently at, so no need to feel like you need to be super fit to start. Our coaches are here to guide you to safely achieving your goals while having fun in a group setting. All new incoming members must complete private Foundations sessions before entering the group sessions.

Group Coaching


We offer three levels of CrossFit based on ability and goals: Sport, Fitness, Foundations. CrossFit workouts vary in intensities and types of exercise performed. But no matter the workout of the day (WOD), you can always expect to learn and get fitter with some friends. All exercises are scaled and modified by one of our professional coaches, so you can perform the workouts safely and with the proper stimulus. The CrossFit methodology is the best program for general fitness all the way up to elite levels of fitness.


A special focus on pure cardiovascular endurance with mostly cyclical activities like running, rowing, skiing and biking. You may see some other functional movements like burpees to spice it up. Whether you are looking for a race or enjoy the feel of hard earned sweat, our endurance program is a great alternative.


This program specifically designed to develop an individual’s top end strength and bulletproof you against injury. In this program you will learn how to vary exercises, volume and loading to increase your maximal strength. We utilize more isolated movements in a controlled manner to strengthen tendons and ligaments and offset imbalances.

CrossFit Kids/Teens

Our kids and teens programs teaches and reinforces the fundamentals of movement. We keep fitness fun and engaging, while developing the necessary skills to excel their fitness.