Private Coaching


Beginner to Advanced

Our private coaching options were created to offer solutions that cannot be fulfilled in the group setting. Whether it be an added layer of accountability, individualized programming, specific goals, movement correction, or learning a new skill, working with your own private coach will get you to your goals faster!

Individual Coaching


All new incoming members must complete private coaching sessions before moving forward with group training. During these private coaching sessions you will begin with a full range of motion assessment, a body composition scan (done with the Inbody Analyzer), and other relevant assessments so we can understand where your fitness and ability currently stands. After the initial assessments we teach foundational exercises that we use in the group setting along with your individual modifications for them, if needed. This also serves as our time to begin building a great relationship with you, so we can set you up for success with us. The exact amount of Foundations sessions you will need may vary based on your starting point and goals. Schedule your discovery call to see how many you may need!

Custom Coaching

A truly customized coaching solution for the client who wants to success. You will work 1 on 1 with a coach who is responsible for delivering you a customized workout program that is meant to fulfill your needs and goals. You and your coach will interact through the TrueCoach app, so you are constantly connected with your coach. This is our most popular and #1 recommended option for anyone who is serious about achieving their goals and need the accountability and guidance of a personal coach.

Personal Training

Specific issues sometimes need specific attention. We do personal training in a way that is meant to solve a specific problem or accomplish a goal. Whether that be learning how to climb a rope for a Spartan race or needing the proper attention for an effective workout for weight-loss, we solve it.

Nutrition Coaching

With so much information on dieting and nutrition, it can be overwhelming and confusing. We make nutrition simple and easy. From weight-loss to performance, our nutrition coaches are well equipped to steer you in the right direction to make your nutrition goals easier and more sustainable.

Remote Coaching

You don’t need to be an in-person member to experience the awesome benefits of working with us. Our remote coaching option is perfect for the busy person that has trouble making the time to go to the gym. No equipment is needed for our remote coaching option as our coaches will work with you on managing your lifestyle, nutrition, and an exercise routine that fits your situation.